Our Team

The Fleet Feet team is comprised of the most passionate individuals in running specialty. Their focus is centered around giving our guests the best possible experience time after time as well as ensuring you achieve your needs in lifestyle, fit, customer service, training and product.

Lori Borer- Owner(email)


Lori Borer of Firth, Nebraska has owned Fleet Feet Sports (previously Red Dirt Running Company) since she started her business in August 2014.  In May 2017 she purchased the Red Dirt in Omaha and franchised the store under the Fleet Feet name.  She now has the networking, capabilities, and assets to offer a greater number of services and products to the Nebraska community.  Lori still remains the full owner of both stores.  

While owning two stores keeps her on her toes, you can also find Lori chasing her kids around! She is a wife and a full-time mom of four wonderful girls! She stays busy with chasing them to, and during their sporting events (actually running around the track and XC courses)! Her family is so important to her, which is why we are a family centered business. Come into her stores and you will feel at home! 

Amy Slaymaker(email)

Inventory Manager

Some people believe that hard work gets done by magical elves.  Others have Amy controlling everything from the back room.  Amy is our inventory manager in charge of paying the bills and ordering products. Amy is Lori's sister and has been on board since day one.  Even if you don't see her you can believe she is real.  Just place a special order and it will probably go on her desk that same day.  Amy is also a mother of three and loves spending time with her kids.  

Kalan Dahir(email)

Marketing Manager

Kalan joined the team in Fall 2016 at the FLeet Feet Lincoln location.  After graduating from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, with a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, she went on to manage our Omaha location.  Kalan is originally from the Omaha area and is glad to be back home.  

Sarah Madsen(email)

Omaha Store Manager

Sarah Madsen is a certified personal trainer who runs her own gym for fitness/strength training and run coaching! Sarah is an advocate for strength training while making it fun. She practices what she preaches! Sarah has always had a passion for fitness and continues inspire and help people grow through coaching/teaching! She has been with Fleet Feet Omaha since 2017 when we first opened! When not working out she enjoys spending time with her four kids and hilarious husband.

Eddie Walters(email)

Head Coach - Lincoln & Omaha

Meet Eddie Walters of Omaha Nebraska. Eddie is our Head Training Coach and Marketing Coordinator for both Fleet Feet Sports Lincoln and Omaha. He has been with us since July 4th, 2015 and won't leave. Eddie has a strong passion for coaching and telling dad jokes. Usually, Eddie is running around with our training classes, setting up events, and pacing with his bunny ears. When Eddie is not running marathons he is watching Netflix marathons, having some cold refreshments, and hanging out with friends. He will help you reach your training goals and you will have a blast doing it. Come see Eddie at either of our stores, he's the loud guy with the nice smile 

Amanda Fangmeier

Outfitter - Lincoln

With a little spunk in her step and a heart of gold, Amanda has been with us since Spring 2016.  Amanda loves one on one interactions with customers where she can share their passion for running, exercising, or anything pink.  When she is not in the store she enjoys spending time with her dogs, running races, and "hanging out being awesome".  


Store Dog - Lincoln

Rowdy has been working with us since 2017. He can be found in our Lincoln store, usually guarding the front door! WATCH OUT, he loves to hide around corners and scare people, especially Lori and Amy! Rowdy usually makes trips to wellness fairs and store events. He loves riding around in Nessi the Nissan! His favorite past time is hanging out with his brother Murphy in Omaha. Come on in, Rowdy would love to meet you!

Sarah Van Ert

Everyone meet Sarah! Sarah joined our team in February 2019! She currently is a full-time student at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Sarah is involved in a variety of activities from running to archery! Her favorite movies are the Greatest Showman and Interstellar. Her pet peeve is bad driving. When you can't find Sarah she might be watching her favorite Netflix shows, This is Us and The Good Place! Come meet Sarah in our Lincoln store!

Jen Freeman

Meet Jen! Jen joined our team in December 2018! She works full-time for Pinnacle Fitness Club in Omaha, is a full-time mom to son, Keith, while also working with our team at Fleet Feet! She is always on the go, and loves to run! Jen has ran distances anywhere from a 5k to 100-mile race! She is a part of Team Nebraska and is always training for something! She loves the fitness community and has always been extremely active! Jen is getting married in the summer 2019! Come meet Jen in our Omaha location!


Lucy Mulder

Everyone meet Lucy! She is a full-time student at Lincoln East! Lucy has always been a soccer player, but we think we will convince her to run for fun! She loves pizza, brownies, and Chipotle! Her favorite place to visit is Colorado! When she isn't playing soccer, working, or at school you might find Lucy watching her favorite movie, "The Blind Side"! 


Allie Filbert

Outfitter - Lincoln

Meet Allie! She is a Student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is studying Elementary Education! Some of her favorite things include, Sushi, Christmas, Sam Hunt, and Cleaning! She has more recently joined our team in Lincoln. If you can't find her she is probably at school, studying or in Mexico, which happens to be her favorite place to visit!

Haley Clausen

Outfitter - Omaha & Lincoln

Meet Haley! She is a full-time student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln! She is originally from Omaha and went to Elkhorn High School. She works in both our Omaha and Lincoln location. Some of her favorite things include mashed potatoes and gravy, Blue Sushi, and watching baseball! 

Mitch Braun

Fit Specialist - Lincoln

Everyone say hello to Mitch! Mitch is a full time student working towards his Education degree specifically PE and Health. While going to school and working at Fleet Feet he also makes time to coach volleyball for Norris High School as well as Nebraska One. Mitch enjoys traveling, tearing up the trails either running or mountain biking, and rock climbing. He has a pup named Penny, who also loves to run and be active with her best friend! Come meet Mitch in our Lincoln store! 

Trevor Acton

Meet Trevor! Trevor joined our team in February 2019. He is a full-time student at Lincoln Southwest High School. He runs cross country and track for his high school. He loves running and hanging out with his team! Come meet Trevor in our Lincoln store! 


Store Dog - Omaha

Also known as Murph, has been working with us since 2017. Murphy can be found in our Omaha store, usually guarding the door and being drug around by children. He loves to meet new people and other dogs, even though they are usually afraid of him. He is the most well trained store dog. He hasn't run away yet, so we think he really likes it here! 

Max McConnell

Say "hello" to Max! Max is works in our Lincoln store and also runs track and cross country for Lincoln Southwest High School. Max is one of our "shoe nerds". He can tell you all about the technology that goes into each of the brands that we carry in our store! If you are looking for anything Nike, Max has you covered! He currently runs in the Zoom Vomero 14. Max is also on the robotics team at his high school and also volunteers at YMCA Camp Kitaki! One of his favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite. In his free time he likes to make/play music! Come meet Max in our Lincoln store! 

Barrett Powers

Say "Hello" to Barrett! Barrett works in our Lincoln store and also attends school at Lincoln Christian! She works extremely hard putting in hours at the store and also competes in Volleyball and Basketball! Barrett has a sweet tooth for ice cream and loves watching "When Calls the Heart"! She loves visiting Utah with her family and has a crush on Kris Bryant. Come meet Barrett in our Lincoln store! 

Jack Nolley

Outfitter - Lincoln

Everyone meet Jack Nolley! He is a senior at Lincoln Southwest High School. Jack runs cross country and track for his high school and loves racing the 1600 in track! He is an incredible runner, but wouldn’t tell you that himself. We are so lucky to have his positive attitude around around the store! When he isn’t running you might be able to find him eating popcorn, watching Stranger Things, competing in Show Choir, or hanging out with friends! Come say “hello” to Jack, he would love to help outfit you for all of your running/walking needs!

Macie Moore

Outfitter - Omaha

This is Macie Moore! She is currently a student and runner at Morningside College. She loves cooking and biscuits. Her favorite holiday is Presidents Day. She is a world record holder in hula hooping. She is an ordained minister...(we still have yet to find out how that happened),  and if you want to know more fun facts about her come in to meet her during the summers and holidays! 

Susan McClaughry

Outfitter - Omaha

Say hello to Susan! Susan joined us more recently but was a part of our First Omaha Training Group! She has been a runner for 32 years and loves it more and more each day! She is a Nurse by profession and now works as a PRN. She runs with her dogs, and has a lot of other fun pets at home! She has a background in Recreational Therapy, so she loves encouraging others to run, exercise, hike, etc.it  just comes naturally! Come see Susan at the store or during our group runs. She has so many fun stories and loves to share!

Kelly Helmberger

Outfitter - Lincoln

Meet Kelly! Kelly is a Senior at Norris High School and will graduate this May! She stays busy by running Cross Country and Track for her high school. Kelly loves to run and has enjoyed working for the team down in Lincoln since 2017. She has enjoyed helping others find their passion for the sport through Fleet Feet! 

Theresa Savage

Outfitter - Omaha

Everyone meet Theresa! She is a busy wife and mom of three wonderful children, all very active and involved. She loves to run and has been running for several years! Theresa loves to run out on the open roads in the country. Her favorite race she has ran is Feast and Feathers Half- Marathon at Cunningham Lake! When Theresa isn't running you can find her chasing after her kids at baseball games, gymnastics, basketball, and so much more! 

Marisa Moseman

Outfitter - Lincoln

Meet Marisa! She is a full-time student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She is studying Elementary Education specializing in Special Education. She has a passion for teaching and loves to work part-time at Fleet Feet. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle with her new puppy Penny and eat Amigos soft tacos. When she isn't at the store or school, you can find her in the isles of Marshalls and Home Goods! 

Lauren Borer

Outfitter - Lincoln

Say hello to Lauren! Lauren is the daughter of Owner, Lori Borer. She is a full-time student at Norris High school and will be completing her Junior year this May! She stays busy with Volleyball and Track. When she isn't busy with sports or working you can find her with her friends or cozied up in bed! She loves visiting anywhere warm especially Mexico!

Cayle Jones

Outfitter - Omaha

Everyone meet Cayle! He is a senior at Millard South High School. He runs Track as his main focus, but stays active all year around training! He also loves to mountain bike when he can! He loves to spend time with his church youth group when he isn't running around. We can barely keep up with Cayle, he is always bouncing off the walls!

Wyatt Madsen

Outfitter - Omaha

Meet Wyatt! He is a Junior at Elkhorn South High School! Wyatt competes in many different sports from Football in the fall, Basketball in the winter,  to Track and Field in the spring! We are pretty sure he is the tallest member of our team! Wyatt loves to tell jokes and make light of a situation. He has modeled for Fleet Feet a couple of times and thinks 5" shorts are way too short! Come meet Wyatt in our Omaha store!

Emily Johnson


Say hello to Emily! She is currently studying at The University of Nebraska at Omaha! She also runs for their Cross Country and Track team! When Emily isn't running around (literally) you can find her throwing parties for fun random holidays with her friends, as well as setting world records in hula hooping! She always has a smile on her face and loves to help everyone reach their running goals! 

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