MAY 2018



Interested in keeping your kids active this summer? We have the perfect program for you! 

Join Fleet Feet Nebraska for Marathon Kids. NEW this May 2018, Marathon Kids is a fun program to keep kids healthy and active! 


$15 for the entire program

6:30-7:30 Wednesday in Omaha

6:00-7:00 Tuesday in Lincoln

2+ Coaches at every run 

During the workout every week kids will be tracking their miles by completing a quarter of a mile loop set by coaches! This may change each week to keep things fun and different! Each quarter mile loop the kids will receive a bracelet, when the workout is done for the day the kids count their bracelets and log their miles on their supplied Marathon Kids mile logs (pictured below). There is no set milage for the day! The kids will first be encouraged to warm up using fun games and then use the time to log some of their miles. This program also encourages families to use the logs to log miles at home! 

The way the program is set up, the kids will complete 4 marathons, taking it a quarter of a mile at a time! After the first marathon the kids will receive a 26.2 Nike t-shirt. After the second marathon the kids will receive Nike shoe laces (52.4). After the third marathon the kids will receive Nike Shoe tags (78.6). Finally after the fourth marathon the kids receive a Nike bracelet (104.8). 

This program highly encourages kids to take things at their own pace. There is no specific requirements, we want kids all kids to join! We will coach kids to walk, run, & finish their goals! 

Please call our stores or email with any questions regarding the programs! 


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