What Sets Fleet Feet Running Club Apart From the Rest?

Fleet Feet Running Club is made up of a group of people who are just as passionate as us!  We love to help our community grow, and FFRC does just that! We take pride in helping others reach their goals through fun, organized, and professionally coached training programs. Over the last 3 years we have successfully trained hundreds of people to achieve their personal fitness goals. We believe we have the best coaches and resources around to help you reach your personal training goals.  When you train with Fleet Feet Sports you become part of our family and you're looked after by people who are truly invested in your success, safety and enjoyment. And we LOVE to celebrate your accomplishments! So come join us. See for yourself and be a part of the energy!

Who are the Fleet Feet Running Club programs for?

Anyone who wants to incorporate walking and/or running into their lifestyle. Anyone who wants to start moving. Anyone who is ready to meet new friends and become part of the Fleet Feet Sports family!

When & where do workouts take place?

Our training class workouts will take place at Fleet Feet Sports Lincoln on Tuesdays at 6pm and at Fleet Feet Sports Omaha Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Each location will have Saturday morning long runs at 7am in various locations throughout the training programs!

What if I have questions before I decide to join?

We hold an open house one week before the start of the program. Meet the coach(es) & the mentors, learn more about the program, and get your paperwork out of the way if you decide to join us!

You can schedule a meeting with our head coach to talk about which Fleet Feet Run Club program would best fit your needs! eddie@fleetfeetlincoln.com 

How do I sign-up for the training programs?

Register below in the dropdown menu! You can read more about each individual option below! 

Can you tell me more about our training programs?

Our programs include three groups: beginner, intermediate, and advanced for both Half-Marathon's and Full Marathon's. And here's the great thing: if you start with one group and decide you want more of a challenge, or less, you can change groups! Make sure to talk with the program coach and your mentors for advice! Beginners can move to intermediate, intermediate can move to advanced, advanced can move to intermediate, etc.

Any rules?

Participants must have reflective gear and lights when warranted.

Participants must have a hydration system with them during all workouts. (we provide water)

Have fun!

What does the cost of our training programs go towards?

The registration fees go towards coaching staff, equipment, jerseys, and insurance!

What is the goal of Fleet Feet Run Club?

The goal of Fleet Feet Running Club is to be a leader in the community while being a part of an all inclusive team of runners/walkers! We encourage members to wear their jersey's proud, because you are a part of a group of runners/walkers that you can find all across the United States! .   

For more information you can email our head coach Eddie Walters at eddie@fleetfeetlincoln.com 

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