No Boundaries Mentor Program

Job description:

  • Fleet Feet Sports Ambassador
  • Attend mentor training seminar
  • Understand the program, goals, roles, responsibilities, and program structure
  • Motivate and inspire participants
  • Provide advice, share knowledge and experience
  • Be a source of information, energy and inspiration
  • Assist coach and arrive early/on time to understand route and weekly topic of discussion
  • Pace assigned group & must run/stay with assigned group on every run
  • Promote safety
  • Relay critical information, suggestions and concerns to the Head Coach
  • Attend seminars and events throughout program
  • May grow into coaching role


  • Has completed at least one (ideally more than one) FFS Training Program (No Bo mentors should have completed one No Boundaries program, a Red Dirt training class, or have experience with beginning runners)
  • Able to attend at least 75% of training program runs (Thursdays at 6 PM and Saturday at 9 AM)
  • Believe in Fleet Feet Sports and be an ambassador for the store
  • Ability to inspire and motivate, especially beginning runners
  • Strong desire and willingness to learn about running and walking
  • Believe in and foster a healthy lifestyle

Time commitment:

  • Weekly time commitment is 3-6 hours for the duration of a training program
  • Attend at least one group training run per week (Thursdays at 6 PM and Saturdays at 9 AM)
  • Hours may vary
  • Twice weekly group workouts: one weeknight, 1-2 hours and/or one weekend morning, 2 – 4 hours


Benefits and Compensation Suggestions:

  • Volunteer position
  • Compensated with free/discounted training program
  • Race entry and/or free product (New Balance footwear and/or apparel)
  • Technical Mentor t-shirt
Mentor Commitment Form The Fleet Feet Sports Mentor Team is a passionate group of walk and run mentors who help people reach their goals of walking/running. As a mentor, you will provide advice, share knowledge and experiences, and teach. Everyone has a story. Tell your story. Listen to participants and build confidence and trust in participants by empowering them to see what they can do. Most importantly, be prepared to make a huge difference in people’s lives! You will be a role model, a source of energy and inspiration to help participants not just get to the finish line of their goal race, but inspire them to see that lifetime fitness can be achieved and maintained for the rest of their life! You’re the motivation! As a member of the Fleet Feet Sports Mentor Team, I will: • Provide excellent customer service to all of our participants. • Encourage, cheer and motivate the group. • Read the email from the head coach outlining the next class details (to be sent at least 24 hours prior to the class) so that I am comfortable with the details and route. • Arrive to each practice at least 10 minutes prior to the start to help with set-up and sign-in. • Stay informed as to upcoming events/seminars, location changes, etc. • Go from the front of my assigned group to the back (or vice-versa) to provide each participant with tips, help, encouragement, motivation and attention, at each class. • Stay until every person in my group is back from the class and has finished cooling down. • Carry a cell phone (with all necessary phone numbers) with me at all times during practice. • Contact the head coach if I have a conflict or emergency that will keep me from attending practice or arriving late/leaving early. • Maintain weekly email correspondence with the coach – including following-up on anyone who missed practice, got injured, had a tough practice, or any other reason that may require them to get a little extra TLC. • Talk to the coach if I have any concerns, problems, uncomfortable situations or questions I can’t answer. In return for mentoring, you will receive team tech shirt from the class, 10% store discount, and a discount off your next training class. You are able to miss FOUR of the TWENTY practices and still receive full compensation. If additional practices are missed, your compensation may be adjusted based on time missed. Additionally, if you do not follow the above the above expectations or use poor judgment, Fleet Feet Sports has the right to terminate this contract and withhold compensation and/or receive reimbursement for the compensation already provided.

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